Residence Permit Based on Employment

Before you may apply for a residence permit for an employed person, you must have a job waiting. If an employer has made you a job offer, this employer must confirm that he or she will definitely employ you. This is usually done by signing an employment contract. Your employer will confirm the information by filling in the TEM 054 form and signing it.

You cannot start working until the Finnish Immigration Service reply positively to you.

Residence permit for an employed person is usually granted for the professional field that your job belongs to. The person cannot be employed in another field. Thus you may have several jobs in the same professional field and one permit. If you have another job waiting in another professional field, you may apply for a permit for both with one application. In this case, you may be granted a permit for several lines of trade.

If by any chance you change the field the resident permit was granted to you, than an extension in the previous grounds of your resident permit will come in contradiction with the current grounds and will lead to negative decision.

In some cases a permit may be granted only for work with a certain employer. If this is the case, you may not take another job.

How to Apply for a Residence Permit Based on Employment

You are the only person who may initiate your residence permit application process.

Carefully fill in form OLE_TY1 and attach any required clarifications. Further information on these is on the application form. If information is missing from the application, its processing will be delayed.

Give your full contact details in your application.

Fill in the form in Finnish, Swedish, or English. The appendices must also be in one of the above languages. Use an authorised translator when having your documents translated.

The application must be delivered in the Finnish embassy of your country or neighbour country or in the police department of your municipality in Finland by you in person. Power of attorney do not have effect in this typical procedures.

A processing fee of 500€ is charged for the first residence permit application. The fee will not be refunded even if you receive a negative decision. The fee will be collected at the embassy or the police service point when you submit your application.