Public Legal Aid

Legal aid is a government tool, which has been established to help people with financial difficulties and to guarantee one’s access to appropriate legal representation. Many of us encounter different legal problems, especially in a society where many of us have such diverse backgrounds.

Individuals in need of professional assistance have the possibility to hire a representative fully or partially, depending on the income, at the expense of the state. In Finland, you can appeal for almost any decision. Legal aid covers almost every legal matter you may oppose if your financial situation allows it.

If you have insurance which covers legal expenses, legal aid cannot be granted. In the same grounds companies or corporations cannot be covered for their legal expenses by state founds.

Furthermore, there are no geographical restrictions when it comes to granting legal aid. This means that you might be entitled to legal aid in order to appeal a case although you are not residing in Finland and even more if you have never been here but your application has been rejected on specific grounds.

Are you eligible?

Legal aid can be given both in court proceedings and in other matters. The nature and significance of the matter have an effect on the coverage of legal aid .In order for one to be eligible, must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Your legal case must be resolved in the court.
  2. The amount of your monthly income must be less than six hundred (600) euros for you to entitled full legal aid, except if otherwise instructed so because of the nature of the case. You can deduct from your net salary the following monthly expenses.
  • Rent or equivalent of the rent
  • Electricity bill (if not included in the rent)
  • Water bill (if not included in the rent)
  • Loan monthly payment
  • Monthly medical expenses
  • Underage children (-300 euros for each underage children)
  • Children day-care monthly expenses
  • Other expenses (for example bureau office, loan arrangements, payment plan etc.)

If you are facing few of these monthly payments and after you deduct them from your net salary the result is less than six hundred (600), in a case which will go through court state will cover all your legal costs.

  1. The amount of your monthly income can be more than six hundred (600) euros and still you can be eligible for partial legal aid. That means legal aid can cover over 80% or 60% of your legal costs even if you have higher income than the basic previously mentioned.

You can visit the official legal aid website here:

See if you are eligible.