Applying for Asylum

Applying for Asylum In order for one to apply for asylum in Finland he must reside outside of his home country or permanent country of residence and have a reason to fear for his well-being because of grounds such as but not limited to: Political opinions. Origin Religion Membership in a certain social group or … Read more Applying for Asylum

Appealing a Decision Made by the Finnish Immigration Service

Appeal to the Administrative Court You can appeal against most decisions made by the Finnish Immigration Service or against a partial decision made by the Employment and Economic Development Office to the Administrative Court. Instructions for lodging an appeal, or appeal directions, will be enclosed with the decision. The petition of appeal should be submitted … Read more Appealing a Decision Made by the Finnish Immigration Service

Public Legal Aid

Legal aid is a government tool, which has been established to help people with financial difficulties and to guarantee one’s access to appropriate legal representation. Many of us encounter different legal problems, especially in a society where many of us have such diverse backgrounds. Individuals in need of professional assistance have the possibility to hire … Read more Public Legal Aid