Immigration Law Consultation in Finland

About Us

About the company

Finnish Immigration Law consists of legal experts and project managers more than capable to make the impossible… possible. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of the law, our clients can be reassured that they will get the best representation there is. We believe each client is unique and each case is a different experience, which we are more than happy to embrace and use in future. No matter what case you have or how complicated you believe it to be; you should always seek legal evaluation in order to achieve your goals. We have served clients of all range, from individuals to large organizations. One’s successful case depends in his cooperation towards the already set guidelines and his lawyer’s competence and experience!

About our Clients

Our clients come from different backgrounds and through their cases and points of view we have developed individual approaches and adjust them accordingly to each case. All of our clients are treated with respect and an appropriate time is always given to a case in order to make sure that we have done everything in our power to represent our clients in the court of law. We appreciate your values and what makes the case unique by treating you with confidentiality, respect and professionalism. We know that it is hard for people to open up about one’s personal life, but when it comes to legal obstacles we are the one who can help you overcome them and make the situation easier for you.

Our Services

  • Consultation
  • Legal Aid
  • Appeals
  • Asylum
  • Residence Permits Based on Employment, Studies or Family Ties
  • Residence Permits for Entrepreneurs or Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Residence Permits for Persons Employed as Specialists

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